Military transttion to entrepreneur



Kicking off the military transition towards an entrepreneur mindset.

Let’s face it, for many of us who serve are going to face changing careers in a few years’ time and some of us will be fortunate enough  to climb the high ranks into military greatness. However every one of us will hang up the uniforms eventually, kicking off the Military transition to civi Street

From that first day you sign your life to the Military, the process of breaking you down and building a professional soldier has started and this will keep going for many years to come.

There are 6 stages of the professional Military life-cycle and they are:

  1. Induction and creation phase
  2. Specialist development phase
  3. Basic leadership phase
  4. Unit management
  5. Organisational management
  6. Withdrawal phase (this can happen at any phase)

However we are concerned about when the withdrawal phase takes place, this becomes an issue  from phase 3 onwards.

The withdrawal phase during the later phases is hard and extremely difficult because  our soldiers are more deeply embedded into the organisation and are more often dependent on the support structure that is currently available to them.

Like you, I am currently serving  and  after serving 18 years I am sitting between phase 3-4. I’m getting older and the body is just not as fit and strong as it used to be and I am guesting that I have only a couple of years left.

If you can relate and you’re at this phase or later and looking to pull the pin and leave the Military, you probably asking yourself over 2000 questions right now, some might be:

  1. How am I going to keep providing a similar or better regular income?
  2. I have all of these Military qualifications so, how useful are they in civi street?
  3. Now that I am getting out, what the F##k do I do now?

There is one broad advice I have to give.

Be prepared to struggle. this is part of the Military transition to civi street.

Yep you need to be prepared simply because you’re going to leave the Military and most of its perks behind such as:

Free health care

Free dental

Discounted or free education

Early knock-offs

Time off to do sports

PT during work hours

Meals and cheap accommodation.

Our civilian brethren have been doing this for years and have coped extremely well with limited support and resources but for the soldier this is the worst environment to acclimatize to  and it is scary as hell.

However there is a lot of support out there  that is fantastic and with the right people to help you out you will eventually find your feet and start to thrive. Here is the support link if needed.

I will do a separate blog to illustrate the support that there is out there for those leaving the armed forces however I do point out that leaving the Armed Forces (no matter the reason) is going to be a challenge and for some of us it is going to be bloody hard.

But like all good Soldiers, Airmen & Sailors in the Military you have a warrior mindset and you’re mission orientated. Your mental fortitude is forged from the harshest lessons that your professional life has given you to become great.

Like it or not, you’re on a mission to achieve glory and you have the capability to achieve that mission. The only difference is that now your leaving or have left the service, you’re the one that dictates what you need to achieve.

You’re your own Commanding Officer and therefore you determine the end state of your mission and no one can tell you what to do!

Some of you will find jobs working for someone and doing the very thing that will make you happy, some will achieve managerial positions in a short amount of time. Lets face it you’ve got that mindset to push through any limits where most wont and therefore achieve more than most people. You’re a warrior at heart and capable than most.

If this is for you then I am happy for you.

However for some of you, you may want more of a challenge or simply believe that you deserve more and decide to start your venture and become your own boss. Let’s just say you deserve to earn a decent income doing what you love without the barriers of management slowing you down. Becoming a small business owner is a journey that is not for the faint of heart, but for those that dare to dream big the rewards will be enormous.

It’s Important to ask yourself where to from here so you can create an effective strategy, develop your very own set of orders ( your version of a business & marketing plan ) and dominate your marketing environment with shock and awe.

You have to be committed to creating your dream, hard working and for the next 6 months, know that you’re going to struggle to get your beast off the ground. However like most warriors with a militaristic mindset, you can overcome anything that you set your mind to.

If you’re serious about seeing how you can create your own income and a venture you can be proud of then read this next article and test your true metal in the civilian business world. leading to a rewarding Military transition to being a Entrepreneur.




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