Establish FB Ads Account



You will need a FB Ads account and a set budget for your running ads.

What would I do for you!

  • Audience Research
  • Create a Look-Alike audience
  • Choose the right objective
  • Retarget audience
  • Leads generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Page Engagement and many more.

Is your Business is a Start-Up or Established oneBut still struggling for growth? Our Facebook Page Rapid Growth Pack will add value to your digital marketing strategy aimed for rapid growth.

My expertise of 3 years in running Facebook Ads is more effective when we do Laser targeting audience for your business. In any of the above scenarios, I am here to help you with a highly targeted FB ads campaign. 

While learning how to create a basic Facebook Business Page is simple, it can be a challenge to set up your page optimally and manage it on an ongoing basis. This is where Creative Startup NZ comes in to take on these challenges so you don’t have to. We align the social media platforms algorithm and embed the best SEO practice into your vision and strategy to ensure your page is growing organically and engaging with your actual customers.

Contact russell@creativestartup.nz for more details. Let’s get started today!


Disclaimer: Each unit will be to a value of $100 and $15 is a service fee per each unit. Once the add runs the expended budget and the service fee is non refundable, refund request will need 30 days notice.

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