Russell Oliver in New Zealand

Russell Oliver New Zealand

Russell kicked off his working career in the New Zealand Army in the late 90’s and started his journey of self-development and started to repeatedly test the limits of his self-resilience and accountability.

Russell joined the military with no qualifications, limited life skills and repeated failures to improve his lifestyle and current standing with himself. However, his Journey like yours, is not without pain and suffering and this Journey had only begun.

Russell met Natasha (who he later married) and started to take on the role as a step parent a year or so later. He became very frustrated with the military life-style as they tried to adapt with the change in Russell’s circumstances in being a step parent.

Russell’s first business venture.

As a result Russell wanted to become an owner-driver contractor for one of New Zealand’s biggest Courier Companies (for legal reasons we will not disclose the name of the company). Russell managed to gain a 47% profit within the first year of operation but after a restructure from the head office, Russell almost went bankrupt and lost almost 40k in the process.

If you want to know how on earth he almost went bankrupt then watch the video below.

Russell had lost a lot of confidence in owning a business and ended up doing temp work for numerous recruitment agencies such as Adecco and WINZ, this went for at least 3 months and he eventually started looking for employment opportunities in the Military again.

He had re-enlisted back in the Defense Force and slowly started to find his feet, he found that only through corrective training was he able to find new strength and ability to eventually embrace the new-found purpose and developed a refined ability to become something more.

It was through numerous faults and flaws as well as loss (more explained here) Russell decided to list all flaws about his performance and work through them no matter how long it took. It was only by incorporating the ethos and Values in everyday life that Russell was able to truly evolve.

Fast forward to 2014, this happy couple brought Romantic Gestures and with limited business experience went from strength to strength and went from a service that had 8 romantic getaways to represent lucrative marriage proposals and luxurious date nights as well as representing over 60 romantic honeymoon locations in New Zealand to date.

The revival of Russell Oliver

It was this spark that reignited the entrepreneurial spirit for both Russell and Natasha, but this did not come without certain challenges. In 2016, Russell and Natasha had engaged in a website ownership dispute that threatened their tourism business, least to say they survived their website horror story. In late 2017 came and tested both of them, both were bullied and attacked online by a few people that Russell was mentored by and by whom he trusted to lead. He had suicidal thoughts, but this switched to anger and sparked a story of transformation and caused a massive evolution that put Russell on a more solid and aggressive footing and further forced his resolve to be better than those who stood over him and telling him how useless he is.

Fast forward to 2021 Russell had accomplished the following:

  • Over 10 podcast platforms asking permission to play the Small Business motivation podcast content (15 more in negotiations).
  • The only sponsored podcast channel in NZ months.
  • Mentored over 63 loyal Small Business owners (Growing 8.34% per month).
  • Became a guest speaker for the RISE anti-bullying international organisation.
  • Over 2.4k likes on FB page within 6 months.
  • Established a network of over 800 experts Entrepreneur network.
  • National Diploma in Business.
  • National Diploma in Marketing.

2022 Russell has now achieved a New Zealand Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree to enhance his ability to help other people establish their presence in the small business community no matter where they are.



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