Who Is Russell Oliver?

Russell Oliver has been operating numerous businesses for the past 14 years however his experience in mentoring and coaching other small business owners comes from the lessons he learned as well as the mistakes he made. This was a challenge that Russell took on here is how Russell became a small business owner, creating more business owners. Russell Oliver New Zealand

Prelude of things to come

Russell Oliver joined the army and is still soldiering to this day with over 18 years of experience, he specialised in inventory and team management. He has developed effective processes and problem identification analysis that will be the foundation of his new passion.

Russell Oliver in his courier van

Russell briefly left the organisation to become an owner driver contractor delivering packages and parcels, this was very lucrative until the new organisation changed his run structure and  left Russell 30K in debt ( Read new ventures for more info) .

He had to learn the lesson that most first business owners fall hard on, and that was treating your business like a 9-5 job was a pathway to complete failure. With no real experience in Marketing Business Strategy and staff management, the challenge was real and damming as there was no plan to succeed. During the third year Russell’s venture as an owner driver contractor was a fight for survival in an environment that became inhospitable to his company.  Russell Oliver New Zealand

After Quitting the realm of the Owner Driver , Russell went back into the army and worked on himself for 4 years before considering being a business owner again. Russell Oliver New Zealand

In 2014 Natasha Oliver’s dream came true as romanticgestures.co.nz was up for grabs. They brought this business and made it their own. Russell also took on Business Study as well as a certificate of Web design, In turn he put what he was taught into practice. Russell Oliver Implemented Numerous SEO Strategies, Refined all of his businesses websites with the help of his creative Wife and launched numerous successful marketing strategies as well as refining business strategies that helped Romantic Gestures to perform. Russell Oliver New Zealand

Natasha Oliver, Russel Oliver's wife

By 2018 Romantic Gestures evolved into a Nation-Wide company and got too big to manage.

Romantic GetawaysNZ.com was established to manage the Romantic Getaways Niche which enabled their Marriage proposal service to prosper. Russell Oliver New Zealand

Over time Russell gained experience and inadvertently provided guidance and advice for other potential business owners and was able to help them establish their own business and gain a good income from it. Russell Oliver New Zealandsell Oliver New Zealand

From 2017-2019 Russell Oliver has Helped over 71 small businesses to grow and evolve, but that is not all. In 2019 Russell was awarded the National Diploma in Business and The National Diploma in marketing, He is one of the few that has studied and accomplished two National Diplomas in short time. Russell also started his business called russell-oliver.com and offered more mentoring and coaching services.

In 2020 Russell evolved his Mentoring Business into a one stop service for potential small business owners called creativestartup.nz. With support from other small business owners and freelancers, Russell is now in a position to provide more value for those side hustles and small start-ups.