Welcome to our fantastic community of entrepreneurs! There are a few terms to cover so please bear with us. It is important that all members get the most value out of each other so lets cover the basics of what is expected of you:

“Your profile upon application to join this group will be heavily vetted for authenticity and to see if you are the right fit for our Network.”


All members need to be from New Zealand, Australia or the USA. Also we ensure that members are authentic and human too. Inactive profiles are either removed or declined from joining.

“The quality of what you post is important, the quantity is irrelevant”.


The purpose of a Facebook group is to create a safe space for a community of people to share information and discuss ideas and/or projects. The purpose of the group becomes unclear however, when group members begin being bombarded with personal promotions or promotions of the business they work for. But don’t worry your promo posts can still occur, but only under the following conditions:

  • Must contain offers or discounts 10% or over, or
  • Must contain valued advice relevant to growing small businesses, and
  • Not be political, and
  • Not about crypto because it attracts wannabie dick heads. and
  • Promo posts occur on Mondays only (GMT+12), and
  • One post per 3 hours.

“This is a place of growth & not for bad content & behaviour”


Post must be in a form of constructive, uplifting or of a positive nature. Links to sites are allowed except for R18 material, Negative, non business related and Illegal content. Please use a hash-tag at the end of your posts. The hash-tags are the same as the topics in this group.



Social Tuesdays consist of doing a live audit @7pm on Tuesday within the group’s feed and analyze the profile in question with an even level of criticism. Members are:

  • Encouraged to offer constructive feedback.
  • Never use bullying tactics to get their point across.
  • Use supportive advice.

The member being audited will agree that:

  • The profile/page being audited is their own,
  • The profile/page being audited will be intense, and
  • May receive harsh criticism.

“Remain calm and professional when you want to complain”


Leave the administration of the group to our Admin team if you think something is not right send us a PM or report it and we can investigate it, DO NOT POST YOUR CONCERN ON A PUBLIC FORUM.

“Please respect everyone’s privacy”


Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private so please don’t disclose anywhere else.

If you are recommended on a post you are more than welcome to let people know they can PM/DM you, but sending them without being asked to directly is considered misconduct and will have you banned.



We are all for business growth. However, content on this Facebook page/group is not to be relied upon as financial, legal or professional advice.



Please be aware that the admin may add & Remove posts of any nature, Add, Suspend, Block and remove members and make the final decisions to any issues that may occur.